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Correlation of global risk assessment with cardiovascular complications in patients with diabetes mellitus living in Puerto Rico
  1. Efraín Rodríguez-Vigil,
  2. Migdalia Rodríguez-Chacón,
  3. José J Ruiz Valcarcel
    1. Center for Diabetes Control, Carolina, Puerto Rico
    1. Correspondence to Dr Efraín Rodríguez-Vigil; efrodrig{at}


    Objective The objective of this study was to assess the current relationship between certain demographics and chemical factors, and the risk of cardiovascular complications, within a Puerto Rican population with diabetes mellitus.

    Research design and methods A total of 2075 patients with diabetes mellitus were retrospectively evaluated to determine the influence of certain demographics and chemical variables on the appearance of cardiovascular complications. A group of demographic and laboratory variables were analyzed. Our sample was obtained, based on convenience, from an endocrinologist's office in an area of about 250 000 people. All the patients met the American Diabetes Association (ADA) definitions for diabetes mellitus. The study covered a time period of 8 years. The patients signed an informed consent document at their first office visit. Data were obtained by the endocrinologist in charge.

    Results We considered the demographic variables of sex, age, time with diabetes, lipid profile, metabolic control (measured with glycated hemoglobin levels), and microalbumin renal excretion. Cardiovascular complications were more prevalent in patients with poor metabolic control, those with prolonged disease duration, men, and patients who were more than 50 years of age. We found no relationship between cardiovascular disease, systolic blood pressure over 130 mm Hg, body mass index and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels over 100 mg/dL.

    Conclusions In Puerto Rican patients with diabetes mellitus, there is a statistically significant relationship between patient's gender, age, disease duration, glycemic control and increased kidney microalbumin excretion with cardiovascular complications.

    • Microalbuminuria
    • Microvascular Complications
    • Macrovascular Complications
    • Pulse Pressure

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