Table 4

Parents’ and young people's perceptions of influence of CASCADE (12-month questionnaire)

Questionnaire itemsAnswered ‘Quite a lot’/‘A great deal’
Question: After attending some or all of the CASCADE diabetes education sessions, how much did your child/you…?Parent
Young person N=97
 Understand better how insulin works66 (74%)70 (73%)
 Understand better which foods contain CHO73 (81%)68 (70%)
 See why counting the CHO in the food your child/you eat(s) can be helpful80 (90%)73 (75%)
Intention to change
 Want to stop your child's/your glucose levels from going too low or high85 (94%)85 (87.5%)
 Want to test your child's/your BG levels more often56 (43%)40 (42%)
 Feel more in charge of your child's/your diabetes61 (69%)65 (68%)
 Feel able to change your child's/your insulin dose when they are exercising68 (77%)66 (69%)
 Feel you are able to control your child's/your BG levels better70 (78%)64 (67%)
Access to care
 Feel more able to ring/contact your diabetes nurse/GP/hospital if your child/ you need(s) help72 (82%)52 (54%)
Family dynamic
 Feel you had a better understanding of how diabetes affects your family67 (75%)69 (72%)
  • BG, blood glucose; CASCADE, Child and Adolescent Structured Competencies Approach to Diabetes Education; CHO, carbohydrate; GP, general practitioner.