Table 3

Key negative themes

Theme and participant examplesID
Calibration difficulties/frustration when equipment ‘fails’
“Sometimes it would stop working for a few minutes…every 5th day”(013)
“It would sometimes turn off during the night, it sometimes wouldn't connect which took quite a long time to sort out…once or twice a week”(013)
“The battery life…It wasn't very good”(007)
“Do it [calibrate] where you won't be seen or it won't be about midnight when you have to calibrate”(007)
Size and alarms
“Just having this little brick on my arm really…Just the size of it”(002)
“Probably the alarm because they were just really loud”(010)
“It was quite big and I'd quite like to have a slightly littler one”(012)
“Once we had a problem with the pump, it was alarming all the time”(005a)
“Maybe it won't recognise that I have taken quite a lot of insulin before and it would give me more insulin and then I'll end up having a crashing hypo”(008)
“It wasn't the most reliable system…Your bloods weren't always what they said it was”(001)
“It was a bit hit and miss…you couldn't rely on it completely”(003)
“I didn't really trust it because I think for a whole day I was using it, it didn't give any insulin”(006)
“I wasn't allowed to roll on my side or lie on my front because…the thing in my tummy was like, kept beeping and it set off alarms and stuff”(006)
“The implants for the pump, they were annoying…the needle was sore”(008)
“There was one time when I did actually rip the sensor out of my arm after a rowing session, I was just like ‘oh…I just can't’…”(008)