Table 4

Diabetes Technology Questionnaire (DTQ), the five DTQ items on which the largest percentage of closed loop participants responded ‘Much Better’ or ‘A Little Better’ compared to their experiences prior to the study and the five DTQ items on which the largest percentages of closed loop participants who responded ‘Much Worse’ or ‘A Little Worse’

 Percentage of responding ‘Much Better’ or ‘A Little Better’
Worry or fear about high blood sugar66.7
Worry or fear about low blood sugar during sleep66.7
Effort to keep high blood sugar from happening60.0
Effort to keep low blood sugar from happening53.3
Getting the right amount of insulin when meals are skipped or delayed40.0
Percentage of responding ‘Much Worse’ or ‘A Little Worse’
Coping with carrying and using several devices40.0
Trouble sleeping well33.3
Reacting to all of the alarms from diabetes devices33.3
Pain or discomfort from insulin injections or pump sets21.4
Feeling that diabetes devices run my life20.0