Table 4

Comparing correlations between type 1 diabetes prevalence and Ibs and life expectancies increase (e50)

Pearson’s rSpearman's rPartial correlation*
rp Valuenrp Valuenrp Valuedf
Log Ibs0.713<0.0011180.724<0.0011180.2760.00598
Log life expectancy (e50) increase0.1650.0791140.1660.077114−0.0700.48798
Log sugars per capita0.666<0.0011090.534<0.001109
Log GDP per capita0.7200.7201160.749<0.001116
Log BMI≥30 prevalence0.636<0.0011090.538<0.001118
Log urbanization0.507<0.0011180.567<0.001118
  • *Keeping GDP, BMI, urbanization and sugars intake constant.

  • BMI, body mass index; GDP, gross domestic product; Ibs, Biological State Index.