Table 2

Antidiabetic treatment, achievement of fasting glucose <7 mmol/L in patients with psychotic disorders and control subjects with diabetes*

Glucose levelsPatients with psychosis†Control subjectsp Value
DM diagnosis94 (10.0)‡69 (1.8)0.001§
 DM diagnosis and antidiabetic treatment40 (42.6)38 (55.1)0.114
  Metabolic syndrome33 (82.5)ND
  Fasting glucose <7.0 mmol/L13 (32.5)12 (31.6)0.931
 DM diagnosis and no antidiabetic treatment54 (57.4)31 (44.9)0.114
  Metabolic syndrome41 (77.4)ND
  Fasting glucose <7.0 mmol/L32 (59.3)18 (58.1)0.914
  • *Data reported as number (%). Among controls only participants who developed diabetes during the follow-up period are included.

  • †Number of patients varied due to sporadic missing information.

  • ‡Two patients with psychosis with insulin treatment without DM diagnosis were included.

  • §p Value from logistic regression models controlling for differences in sex and age.

  • DM, diabetes mellitus; ND, not determined.