Table 3

Increased fasting glucose in patients and control subjects without diabetes*

Glucose levelsPatients with psychosis†Control subjectsp Value
No DM diagnosis854 (90.1)3839 (98.2)0.001‡
 Fasting glucose ≥7.0 mmol/L43 (5.0)41 (1.1)0.001‡
  Metabolic syndrome32 (76.2)ND
 Fasting glucose 6.1–6.9 mmol/L87 (10.2)149 (3.8)0.001‡
  Metabolic syndrome64 (77.1)ND
 Fasting glucose 5.6–6.0 mmol/L160 (18.7)355 (9.1)0.001‡
  Metabolic syndrome103 (65.2)ND
  • *Data reported as number (%).

  • †Number of patients varied due to sporadic missing information.

  • ‡p Value from logistic regression models controlling for differences in sex and age.

  • DM, diabetes mellitus; ND, not determined.