Table 1

Clinical characteristics of patients with psychotic disorders and control subjects*

CharacteristicPatients with psychosisControl subjectsp Value
Number of participants977†3908
Sex, men528 (54)1620 (41)0.001
Age (years)47 (18–84)56 (43–66)0.001
Waist circumference (cm)102 (63–156)89 (62–141)0.001
 Men105 (69–151)95 (63–141)0.001
 Women98 (63–156)84 (62–131)0.001
BMI29 (11.2–65.8)26 (16.4–53.7)
Current smoker397 (41)666 (17)0.001
Family history of diabetes184 (24)956 (24)0.880
Fasting glucose (mmol/L)‡5.6 (3.5–20.1)5.0 (2.8–14.7)0.001
Triglycerides ≥1.7 mmol/L400 (41)ND
Reduced HDL levels§431 (44)ND
Metabolic syndrome432 (45)ND
Antihypertensive medication84 (9)693 (18)
Psychiatric diagnosis
 Schizophrenia526 (54)NA
 Psychosis NOS120 (12)NA
 Schizoaffective disorder110 (11)NA
 Delusional disorder63 (6)NA
 Bipolar disorder64 (7)NA
 Other psychiatric diagnosis90 (9)NA
Antipsychotic drug769 (79)
 Long-acting injectable192 (24)NA
 Risperidone135 (14)NA
 Olanzapine130 (13)2 (0.05)
 Clozapine72 (7)NA
 Aripiprazole58 (6)NA
  • *Data reported as number, number (%), or mean (range, minimum–maximum).

  • †Number of patients varied due to sporadic missing information.

  • ‡Patients withpsychosis and control subjects with no antidiabetic medication.

  • §HDL level <1.0 mmol/L (males) or <1.3 mmol/L (females) or lipid-lowering medication.

  • BMI, body mass index; HDL, high-density lipoprotein; NA, not applicable; ND, not determined; NOS, not otherwise specified.