Table 1

Demographics of the study participants

VariableObeseObese with GDMp Value
Maternal age (years)28.1±0.8330.87±0.850.02
Pre-pregnancy BMI (kg/m2)34.38±0.5834.07±0.820.76
Gestational age at study (weeks)26.54±0.1426.55±0.150.95
Gestational weight gain (lbs)6.57±1.089.44±2.290.26
Parity (% primiparous)14100.86
Race/ethnicity (% Hispanic)90931
Birth weight (g)3477.16±65.733521.81±86.080.68
Birth length (cm)51.16±0.3151.33±0.330.7
Ponderal index (cm2)2.59±0.032.58±0.050.86
Gender (% female)32580.07
WIC recipient (%)79930.17
Education (% HS or higher)57500.7
  • BMI, body mass index; GDM, gestational diabetes mellitus; HS, high school; WIC, Women Infant Child.