Table 1

Baseline characteristics and adiponectin levels in 333 offspring of parents with type 2 diabetes

CharacteristicWhiteBlackp Value
Age (years)46.5±10.542.5±10.30.0003
BMI (kg/m2)28.8±6.831.2±7.40.0011
Waist circumference (cm)92±1795±160.09
Fasting plasma glucose (mg/dL)92.1±7.5890.0±7.740.0067
2 h plasma glucose (mg/dL)125±23.4124±28.60.66
Adiponectin (μg/mL)10.7±5.448.34±4.95<0.0001
  • Plus–minus values are means±SD. To convert the values for glucose to millimoles per liter, multiply by 0.0555. To convert adiponectin concentrations to micromoles per L, divide by 30.

  • BMI, body-mass index.