Table 2

Comparison of clinical and biochemical parameters between patients with TB with newly diagnosed DM and patients with TB with KDM

ParametersMean (SD)95% CI for meanp Value
Age (years)
 KDM45.4 (13.1)43.4 to 47.10.0001
 NDM38.7 (13.3)37.2 to 40.1
WC (cm)
 KDM78.8 (12.2)76.9 to 80.80.0001
 NDM73.6 (10.4)2.3 to 74.8
BMI (kg/m2)
 KDM23.6 (5.4)22.8 to 24.40.0001
 NDM21.8 (4.5)21.3 to 24.4
FBS (mmol/L)
 KDM9.2 (6.4)8.1 to 10.30.60
 NDM9.4 (4.4)8.9 to 10.6
Qualitative data expressed in proportions
 FHx of DM
Sputum smear positivity
Sex (F:M)
  • Statistical tests used are the Student t test and χ2 test.

  • FHx of DM—a family history of DM.

  • BMI, body mass index; DM, diabetes mellitus; FBS, fasting blood sugar; F, female; KDM, known DM; M, male; NDM, new DM; TB, tuberculosis; WC, waist circumference.