Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics at baseline

Control (N=12)Intervention (N=11)Dropouts (N=5)
Demographic characteristics at baseline
 Sri Lankan00.0%00.0%00.0%
 Grade school216.7%19.1%120.0%
 Some college/college degree650.0%654.5%240.0%
 Postgraduate degree433.3%436.4%240.0%
Employment status
 No employment433.3%872.7%360.0%
 Part-time employment433.3%00.0%120.0%
 Full-time employment433.3%327.3%120.0%
Brackets: years lived in the USA
Summary: years lived in the USA
 Mean (SD)18.2 (5.3)22.8 (9.3)29.8 (7.6)
Brackets: years since diabetes dx
Summary: years since diabetes dx
 Mean (SD)7.5 (4.2)8.9 (5.1)6.5 (5.9)
Receives some medication for diabetes
Brackets: amount of time spent exercising in the past week
 No exercise433.3%218.2%120.0%
 3 h or less758.3%763.6%480.0%
 More than 3 h18.3%218.2%00.0%
Clinical characteristics at baseline
Glycated hemoglobin (%)
Mean (SD)6.82 (0.54)6.49 (0.36)6.49 (0.63)
BMI (kg/m2)
Mean (SD)27.49 (2.95)26.30 (3.77)27.74 (1.81)
Weight (kg)
Mean (SD)68.6 (6.86)63.1 (11.16)69.2 (2.84)
  • BMI, body mass index.