Table 2

Sociodemographic characteristics among study participants compliant and noncompliant with screening guidelines

CharacteristicNot fully compliant (n=138)Fully compliant (n=62)p Value
Mean/per centSEMean/per centSE
Individual level
  Male (n=92)68.5%31.5%
  Female (n=107)69.2%30.8%
  Black, non-Hispanic (n=45)75.6%24.4%
  White, non-Hispanic (n=35)68.6%31.4%
  Hispanic (n=86)65.1%34.9%
 Insurance status0.08
  Uninsured (self-pay) (n=18)77.8%22.2%
  Public insurance (n=85)60.0%40.0%
  Private insurance (n=80)75.0%25.0%
Area-based characteristics
 Average household age (years)38.30.839.21.20.54
 Percentage of white population60.91.455.52.30.40
 Percentage of married couples63.
 Median household income ($)34 86792635 24714550.82
 Percentage of families receiving public assistance7.
 Median real estate taxes ($)18037718851060.55
 Percentage of owner occupied houses56.71.455.52.30.64