Table 1

Frequency of MS components, and the observed versus expected frequency of MS, within age and gender subgroups

GenderAge (years)
All participantsMFp Value (M vs F)25–4445–6465+p Value (age)
Number of participants1429628801484566379
High waist (ATPIII)47.5%44.4%49.8%0.0432.4%53.6%56.3%<0.0001
High waist (IDF)72.6%72.4%72.7%0.9657.6%77.8%82.2%<0.0001
High TG28.8%35.2%23.7%<0.000122.2%34.4%28.0%<0.0001
Low HDL24.0%22.3%25.3%0.2228.6%23.1%18.8%0.003
High glucose (ATPIII)14.4%17.0%12.4%0.014.1%16.2%24.6%<0.0001
High glucose (IDF)25.3%30.7%21.1%<0.000110.6%28.0%39.5%<0.0001
Prior diagnosis of diabetes7.2%8.7%5.9%0.041.8%6.9%14.4%<0.0001
Lipid-lowering therapy13.0%13.4%12.7%0.721.4%12.9%28.0%<0.0001
Antihypertensive therapy24.1%22.8%25.1%0.324.1%23.6%50.8%<0.0001
High BP57.5%66.7%50.2%<0.000127.8%60.7%89.3%<0.0001
Mean LDL cholesterol (mmol/L)<0.0001
MS (ATPIII) observed27.0%30.4%24.3%0.0114.3%32.1%35.1%<0.0001
MS (ATPIII) expected21.2%25.3%18.0%0.00087.8%26.2%34.6%<0.0001
p Value (observed vs expected)<0.0001<0.005<0.0001<0.0001<0.005NS
MS (IDF) observed36.0%42.4%31.1%<0.000120.8%40.9%47.1%<0.0001
MS (IDF) expected30.1%36.5%25.1%<0.000112.6%36.1%49.2%<0.0001
p Value (observed vs expected)<0.0001<0.005<0.0001<0.00010.02NS
  • ATPIII definition of MS requires three or more of these five criteria: waist circumference>102 cm (males), >88 cm (females); hypertension (systolic BP>130 mm Hg, diastolic BP>85 mm Hg, or treated hypertension); fasting plasma glucose 6.1 mmol/L or a prior diagnosis of diabetes; HDL<1.03 mmol/L (males), <1.29 mmol/L (females); TG>1.7 mmol/L.

  • IDF definition of MS requires a high waist circumference using specific gender and ethnicity-related criteria (28), as well as two or more of the following: fasting plasma glucose>5.6 mmol/L; high TG; low HDL using the same HDL and TG criteria as ATPIII.

  • BP, blood pressure; F, females; HDL, high-density lipoprotein; LDL, low-density lipoprotein; M, males; MS, metabolic syndrome; NS, not significant; TG, triglycerides.