Table 2

Simple mediator effects in the relationships between living in poverty, education level, and HbA1c

Total effectEffect IV-MVEffect MV-DVDirect effectIndirect effectBC 95% CI of indirect effect
Independent variable (IV)
 Living in poverty0.37*
Mediators (MV)
 Timeline cyclical0.39**0.18*0.300.07*0.0084 to 0.1815
 Avoidance coping0.14*0.52**0.280.07*0.0091 to 0.2418
 Depressive symptoms2.12**0.04*0.290.08*0.0116 to 0.2202
Independent variable (IV)
 Education level−0.35**
Mediators (MV)
 Healthy diet0.50*−0.09*−0.29*−0.05*−0.1422 to −0.0045
 Avoidance coping−0.21**0.50**−0.24−0.10*−0.2637 to −0.0153
 Depressive symptoms1.110.04**−0.31*−0.04*−0.1487 to −0.0002
  • Only significant results are reported. Effects are adjusted for sex, age, immigration status, years with diabetes, and insulin use.

  • *p<0.05; **p<0.01.

  • BC, bias corrected; DV, dependent variable; HbA1c, glycosylated hemoglobin.