Table 1

Patients with CAP with and without DM hospitalized in Portugal between 2009 and 2012 (age range 20–79 years)

CAP-DMCAP-without-DMp Value
n (%)19 212 (25.9)54 963 (74.1)
Mean±SD Age, years69.4±9.262.7±14.9
Median (IQR) Age, years72 (65–76)67 (53–75)<0.0001
Male/female, n (%)11 231/7981 (58.5/41.5)34 027/20 936 (61.9/38.1)<0.0001
Mean±SD, hospitalization days12.0±10.511.2±10.1
Median (IQR) hospitalization days9 (6–14)8 (5–13)<0.0001
In-hospital mortality, n (%)2918 (15.2)7427 (13.5)0.002
  • Significant differences between groups were detected by means of χ2 test for categorical variables, and by the Student's t-test or Mann-Whitney test for continuous variables, as appropriate. Univariate analysis of variance (ANCOVA), adjusted for age and gender was used to compare hospital length of stay and in-hospital mortality between the two groups.

  • Significant p values are highlighted in bold.

  • CAP, community-acquired pneumonia; CAP-DM, DM in CAP; DM, diabetes mellitus.