Table 1

Characteristics at presentation of 200 children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes

Male gender116 (58%)
Born in Sweden196 (98%)
One parent born outside Sweden30 (15%)
Type 1 diabetes in primary family23 (12%)
Previously diagnosed celiac disease8 (4%)
Previously diagnosed hypothyreosis4 (2%)
Body mass index SD score prior to presentation0.41±1.20
Body mass index SD score at presentation−0.63±1.20
Blood glucose (mmol/L)29.9±9.0
Glycated hemoglobin (% (mmol/mol))10.8±4.3 (95±23)
Blood pH<7.345/197 (23%)
Blood pH<7.223/197 (12%)
Blood pH<7.19/197 (5%)
Initial treatment at intensive care unit27 (14%)
Positive for transglutaminase antibody12/162 (7%)
Positive for thyroid peroxidase antibody13/133 (10%)
Positive for thyreoglobulin antibody18/137 (13%)