Table 3

Most common secondary diagnoses of patients presenting for EDs for a primary diagnosis of diabetes before and 1 week after Hurricane Sandy's landfall in 2012

Weekly baseline in 2012 before Hurricane Sandy's landfallOne week after Hurricane Sandy's landfallHighest increases before and after
Hypertension (13)Hypertension (30)Hypertension (+17)
Hyperlipidemia (7)Post-procedural aftercare (17)Post-procedural aftercare (+11)
Post-procedural aftercare (6)Chronic skin ulcer (14)Chronic skin ulcer (+9)
Electrolyte disorder (6)Electrolyte disorder (13)Electrolyte disorder (+7)
Ischemic heart disease (5)Hyperlipidemia (11)Post-procedural state (+7)
Chronic skin ulcer (5)Post-procedural state (10)Overweight or obese (+5)
Chronic kidney disease (4)Ischemic heart disease (10)Ischemic heart disease (+5)
Hypertensive kidney disease (4)Drug abuse (8)Cardiac dysrhythmia (+4)
Drug abuse (4)Chronic kidney disease (7)Chronic airway obstruction (+4)
Other health hazards (7)Overweight or obese (7)Osteomyelitis (+4)
  • Diagnoses in bold highlight the differences in categories before and after Hurricane Sandy's landfall.

  • ED, emergency department.