Table 1

Scenario analysis: how could the improvement of the general recommended monitoring parameters condition the progression of diabetic complications? (hypothesis based on Expert Opinion Evidence)

Optimized monitoring parametersIncrement of specialist care (annual optimal-detected—observed value)Increment of drug consumptionDecrement of complicationsDecrement of hospitalizations
Glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c)+1.6 (3*−1.4)+10% diabetic drugs−10%−10%
Microalbuminuria+0.75 (1.25*−0.6)+10% diabetic drugs−10%−10%
Cholesterol+0.3 (1*−0.7)+10% statins−10% cardiovascular diseases
Blood pressure+2 (3†‡−1)+10% cardiovascular drugs−10% cardiovascular and kidney hospitalizations
  • *Code study 2 (FONTE).

  • †St Vincent declaration, 1994 (FONTE).

  • ‡Expert Opinion Evidence.