Table 1

Nutrient composition of the four diets used in the OmniCarb*

Dietary patternHigh carbohydrate/high glycemic indexHigh carbohydrate/low glycemic indexLow carbohydrate/high glycemic indexLow carbohydrate/low glycemic index
Energy, kcal2011199820111993
Glycemic index66416540
Carbohydrates, %kcal58574140
Protein, %kcal16162323
Fat, % kcal27273737
 Saturated, % kcal6677
 Monounsaturated, % kcal12131819
 Polyunsaturated, % kcal781010
Animal protein, g42467881
Vegetable protein, g39383939
Fiber, g32372933
Fructose, g48402628
Cholesterol, mg9089170163
Calcium, mg10321051993995
Potassium, mg3963410339494026
Sodium, mg2245221123052199
Magnesium, mg462429468440
  • *Estimated from food analysis software (ESHA Food Processor SQL, V.10.2, ESHA Research). Note that macronutrient estimates may not sum to 100% due to rounding.

  • OmniCarb, Effect of Amount and Type of Dietary Carbohydrates on Risk for Cardiovascular Heart Disease and Diabetes Study.