Table 2

Changes in the body composition and the anthropometric parameters in all participants after 12 weeks of intensive lifestyle intervention in real-world clinical practice

Baseline12 weeksp Value
Weight (pounds)238.6±40.8216.9±37.8<0.001
Body mass index (kg/m2)38.3±5.334.9±5.0<0.001
Basal metabolic rate (kilocalorie)1866.6±336.01753.7±294.4<0.001
Body fat mass (kg)104.6±27.588.0±26.8<0.001
Percentage body fat (%)44.0±7.140.5±7.9<0.001
Lean body mass (kg)133.1±26.8128.3±24.7<0.001
Lean body mass/fat mass ratio1.3±0.41.6±0.6<0.001
Waist (inches)47.0±5.443.2±4.9<0.001
Waist/hip ratio0.93±0.090.91±0.09<0.001
  • N=129.