Table 2

Second-order factoral model: collaborative goal setting confirmatory factor analysis (n=192)

First-order factorsFactor loadingsMean (SD)
Factor 1: Listen and learn from each other0.824.6 (0.60)
 Item 1: I asked my doctor any questions I had0.774.6 (0.77)
 Item 2: My doctor asked me if I had any concerns0.734.7 (0.80)
 Item 3: My doctor explained the reasons for the goal0.774.7 (0.63)
 Item 4: I learnt important things from my doctor0.704.6 (0.79)
 Item 5: My doctor and I discussed the reasons for the goal0.804.6 (0.79)
 Item 6: I listened to what my doctor had to say0.644.6 (0.82)
 Item 7: I told my doctor important things about me0.614.6 (0.76)
 Item 8: I told my doctor about any concerns I had0.634.5 (0.95)
 Item 9: My doctor gave me the opportunity to ask any questions I had0.724.7 (0.82)
Factor 2: Share ideas0.914.4 (0.80)
 Item 10: I made sure my doctor knew about things that were important to me0.664.4 (1.03)
 Item 11: I told my doctor about important things in my life0.664.2 (1.13)
 Item 12: My doctor shared his/her ideas with me0.804.4 (1.02)
 Item 13: I was interested in my doctor's ideas0.734.5 (0.92)
 Item 14: My doctor provided important medical information to me0.774.5 (0.87)
 Item 15: I shared my ideas with my doctor0.774.4 (0.90)
 Item 16: I felt confident my doctor understood what was important to me0.904.5 (1.01)
Factor 3: Caring relationship0.904.6 (0.60)
 Item 17: My doctor treated me as a person0.784.8 (0.72)
 Item 18: I respected my doctor's opinions0.934.7 (0.69)
 Item 19: My doctor showed he/she cared about me as a person0.934.6 (0.74)
 Item 20: My doctor respected my opinion0.834.6 (0.79)
 Item 21: My doctor was honest with me0.904.7 (0.68)
 Item 22: My doctor spent enough time with me0.814.5 (0.87)
 Item 23: I showed my doctor that I cared about achieving the goal0.744.5 (0.86)
 Item 24: I was honest with my doctor0.724.7 (0.71)
Factor 4: Agree on a measurable objective0.954.4 (0.79)
 Item 25: I felt good about the goal0.794.3 (0.94)
 Item 26: My doctor helped me understand what the specific goal is0.844.5 (0.82)
 Item 27: I had confidence that I could achieve the goal0.724.2 (1.05)
 Item 28: My doctor and I agreed on the specific goal that was set0.824.4 (0.94)
 Item 29: My doctor and I discussed the potential specifics of the goal0.794.4 (0.93)
Factor 5: Support for goal achievement0.904.3 (0.87)
 Item 30: My doctor gave me information I could take home about the goal0.574.3 (1.14)
 Item 31: I told my doctor I felt like I could achieve the goal0.784.3 (0.93)
 Item 32: My doctor and I discussed strategies for achieving the goal0.894.2 (1.06)
 Item 33: I was comfortable discussing any challenges I might have achieving the goal0.744.4 (0.93)
 Item 34: My doctor made me feel like I could achieve the goal0.884.4 (0.94)
 Item 35: My doctor and I came up with a strategy for how to achieve the goal0.904.2 (1.15)
 Item 36: My doctor checked to make sure I understood the goal0.884.3 (1.08)
 Item 37: My doctor described how to achieve the goal0.904.3 (1.03)
  • Note: All factor loadings are significant (p<0.001). Standardized parameter estimates are shown. All second-order factor loadings are in bold. The second-order factor has Cronbach's α of 0.927.