Table 1

Low and high GL diets

Low GL mealHigh GL day
FoodsgkJPFatSat fCHOFibSugGIGLFoodsgkJPFatSat fCHOFibSugGIGL
Goodness Superfoods barley and oats*355005311661539Uncle Tobys High fibre oats*4056343121647516
Burgen wholegrain bread80803105125623910Wholemeal bread6055451025417018
Vegemite spread2011750020000Vegemite spread2011750020000
Wheat bran†1316721044000
 Total (g)182720194431234518Total (g)180816163521446734
Burgen wholegrain bread80803105125623910Wholemeal bread9086682038627026
Tuna canned in oil80559225100000Tuna canned in oil80559225100000
Tomato (1 average)804000021000Tomato (1 average)804000021000
Cucumber (1 average)1004000021000Cucumber (1 average)1004000021000
Lettuce (1 cup)35800001000Lettuce (1 cup)35800001000
Dressing (ready)3026505150400Dressing (ready)3026505150400
Be Natural nut bar4087081521238293Vita-weat biscuits3045332019316512
 Total (g)258540305461223213Total (g)223133142661276439
Afternoon teaAfternoon tea
Activia yogurt12544862117016254Sakata rice crackers3047121025018020
Carrot (1 average)7080000420161
Philadelphia cream cheese4030536420000
 Total (g)44862117016254Total (g)85657431216721
Edgell four bean mix753796101262375Mashed potato (dry)‡2542022118328516
Inghams chicken breast1008581392190300Inghams chicken breast1008581392190300
Tomatoes (2 average)1608000042000Tomatoes (2 average)1608000042000
Cucumber (1 average)1004000021000Cucumber (1 average)1004000020000
Lettuce (1 cup)35800001000Lettuce (1 cup)35800001000
Sweet corn canned72231210921555Sweet corn canned72231210921555
Dressing (ready)3026505150400Dressing (ready)3026505150400
Wheat bran §64800022000
 Total (g)1861211635112104119Total (g)1950171745910105630
Belvita biscuits50964481363114516SunRice rice cakes4066334128207822
 Total (g)964481363114516Total (g)66334128207822
Total (g)768591741419339543970Total (g)7508745814236412365144
Total % energy2036740411Total % energy172975045  
  • Total % energy does not account for the energy provided by fiber (2 kcal/g).

  • *Oats were made on water.

  • †Wheat bran was added to the oats to increase the amount of fiber.

  • ‡Mash was reconstituted from the powder using water.

  • §Wheat bran was added to the mash to increase the amount of fiber.

  • CHO, carbohydrate; Fib, fiber; GI, glycemic index; GL, glycemic load; kJ, kilojoules; P, protein; Sat f, saturated fat; Sug, sugar.