Table 2

Average maternal glucose levels (n=17) for the low GL and high GL meals

Low GLHigh GLp Value
Highest glucose value (mmol/L)7.1±0.27.6±0.20.026
Lowest glucose value (mmol/L)3.9±0.23.7±0.20.237
Average (mmol/L)5.3±0.15.4±0.20.352
SD average (mmol/L)0.7±0.10.9±0.1<0.001
MAGE (mmol/L)2.1±0.22.7±0.2<0.001
iAUC (mmol/L min)549±1091120±1980.015
Proportion of time (%)
 In target (3.9–7.8 mmol/L)95.1±1.787.7±3.20.031
 Above target0.4±0.24.4±2.80.180
 Below target4.5±1.77.9±2.20.129
  • Mean±SEM (all such values).

  • iAUC, incremental area under the curve (calculated across the 24 h, using the trapezoidal rule); MAGE, mean amplitude of glycemic excursions (determined by calculating the arithmetic mean of the difference between consecutive peaks and nadirs if the difference is >1 SD of the mean glucose).