Table 4

Lymphocyte phenotypes of subjects with stage 0 and stage 2 obesity*

Phenotype Stage 0(n=10) Stage 2(n=9)
% of total cells
Total CD3+†,‡53.6±22.958.9±19.0
% of CD3+ cells that also express CD45RA+39.6±9.862.4±19.1§
CD3+CD4+ (Th cells)40.1±19.236.0±11.8
CD3+CD8+ (cytotoxic T cells)14.4±3.821.0±6.9§
CD3+CD4+CD25+FoxP3+ (T regulatory cells)†,‡3.2±2.09.6±7.2
Total CD278+‡0.3±0.313.6±5.2§
Total CD80+12.8±8.428.7±20.2§
Total CD19+ (B cells)7.3±3.37.3±5.5
% of CD19+ cells that also express CD80+†19.9±10.819.9±16.5
Proportionate analysis of cells expressing CRTh2
% of CD4+ cells that also express CRTh234.0±5.329.6±3.5
% of CD8+ cells that also express CRTh2†18.5±5.024.0±9.1
% of CD14+ cells that also express CRTh2†40.8±10.772.6±7.3§
% of CD203c+ cells that also express CRTh2†46.2±7.135.8±6.8
% of CCR3+ cells that also express CRTh299.0±0.499.2±0.2
  • *Values are presented as mean ± SD; Values are a proportion of the total gated cells as determined by immunofluorescence. No significant differences were observed among groups (N=19; mean ± SD) for total cells expressing CD4+ (34.5 ± 18.4), CD8+ (18.8 ± 7.9), CD25+ (5.3 ± 2.8), CD45RO+ (17.4 ± 10.8), CD71+† (3.1 ± 4.2) or CD4+CD45RO+ (6.7 ± 5.3), CD4+CD71+† (0.5 ± 0.4), CD8+CD71+(0.4 ±0.4) cells and natural killer cells (CD3-CD56+† 5.0 ± 3.9).

  • †Analysis was performed on log-transformed values.

  • ‡Significant correlation with age (n=19, p<0.05) and one-way ANOVA analysis adjusted for age as a confounding factor.

  • §Indicates mean within a row that is significantly different from the stage 0 obesity group using one-way ANOVA (p<0.05).

  • ANOVA, analysis of variance; CD, cluster of differentiation; CRTh2, chemoattractant-homologous receptor expressed on T helper 2 cells.