Table 2

Total and differential blood cell counts in metabolically healthy individuals with obesity and subjects with obesity and type 2 diabetes*

Reference values Stage 0(n=10) Stage 2(n=9)
Red blood count (1012/L)4.00–5.604.39±0.314.49±0.49
White blood count (109/L)4.00–11.006.57±1.397.52±2.60
Haemoglobin (g/L)120–160131.0±9.9136.4±11.0
Haematocrit (L/L)0.36–0.480.40±0.030.41±0.04
Mean corpuscular volume (fL)82–10090.40±2.9591.50±4.23
Mean corpuscular haemoglobin (pg)26–3429.85±1.1330.13±2.42
Red cell distribution width (%)11–1611.51±0.6010.90±0.82
Platelets (109/L)†,‡150–400277.2±48.4214.2±65.9
Mean platelet volume (fL)†5.9–9.87.90±0.618.20±0.96
Neutrophils (%)50–7058.68±7.8758.30±8.20
Lymphocytes (%)20–3529.96±6.6429.09±6.91
Monocytes (%)‡,§1–67.12±0.838.05±1.82
Eosinophils (%)‡,§1–33.38±1.553.47±2.01
Basophils (%)0–10.85±0.340.80±0.32
Neutrophils (109/L)§2.00–9.003.83±1.244.48±1.98
Lymphocytes (109/L)§0.5–3.301.89±0.482.14±0.79
Monocytes (109/L)§0.00–1.000.45±0.080.60±0.22
Eosinophils (109/L)§0.00–0.700.20±0.060.24±0.10
Basophils (109/L)§0.00–0.200.07±0.050.14±0.26
  • * Values are presented as mean ± SD.

  • †Significant effect of sex in the stage 2 obesity group (p<0.10).

  • ‡Significant correlation with age (n=19, p<0.05) and one-way ANOVA analysis adjusted for age as a confounding factor.

  • §Analysis was performed on log-transformed values.

  • ¶Indicates mean within a row that is significantly different from the stage 0 obesity group using one-way ANOVA (p<0.05).

  • ANOVA, analysis of variance.