Table 1

Baseline general demographic and clinical data of people with type 1 diabetes in the study population

Demographic characteristicsT0
Participants, n104
 CDiC Yaoundé, n (%)52 (50)
 CDiC Bamenda, n (%)26 (25)
 CDiC Bafoussam, n (%)26 (25)
Women, n (%)51 (49)
Age, years, n (%)16±2
 9–1311 (10.6)
 14–1893 (89.4)
Level of education
 High school48
 Post high school38
Clinical characteristics
BMI, kg/m2 21.3±3.9
Duration of diabetes, years5±3
HbA1c, mmol/mol (%)101.1±22.1 (11.4±2.7)
HbA1c by sex, mmol/mol (%)
 Male101.1±21.3 (11.4±2.6)
 Female101.1±22.1 (11.4±2.7)
HbA1c by study site, mmol/mol (%)
 CDiC Yaoundé95.6±20.5 (10.9±2.5)
 CDiC Bamenda106.6±22.1 (11.9±2.7)
 CDiC Bafoussam104.4±25.4 (11.7±3.1)
Diabetes acute complications
 History of severe hypoglycemia during the three last months, n/N27/104
 History of ketoacidosis during the three last months, n/N31/104
  • Data are mean ± SD, frequency (percentage).

  • BMI, body mass index; CDiC, Changing Diabetes in Children; T0, at the inception of the CDiC project.