Table 1

Baseline clinical characteristics of study participants. For each variable, minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile and maximum values are presented. Numbers of missing values are noted

MinimumFirst quartileMedianThird quartileMaximum# Missing
Age (years)26.052.560.066.870.00
Weight (kg)53.075.997.3106.5156.40
BMI (kg/m2)20.728.
HgBA1c (mmol/mol) (%)42 (6.0)46 (6.4)51 (6.8)55 (7.2)70 (8.6)0
Fructosamine (µmol/L)208.0249.8264.0290.3338.02
Glucose (mmol/L)4.886.677.278.309.990
Insulin (pmol/L)33.073.2104.8132.0235.30
GLP-1 (pmol/L)1.414.432.342.8107.74
Ghrelin (pmol/L)36.546.057.079.6139.04
Triglyceride (mmol/L)0.781.051.622.134.530
Cholesterol (mmol/L)2.433.964.565.176.450
HDL-C (mmol/L)0.801.021.201.361.660
  • BMI, body mass index; GLP-1, glucagon-like peptide 1; HBA1c, glycosylated hemoglobin; HDL-C, high density lipoprotein cholesterol; HOMA, homeostatic model assessment.