Table 1

Surveyed PCP characteristics

Gender, n (%)
Race/ethnicity, n (%)
Age category, n (%)
 25–34 years34(11)
 35–44 years118(39)
 45–54 years84(28)
 ≥55 years69(23)
Region, n (%)
Medical practice setting, n (%)
 Single specialty131(43)
 Multispecialty or group practice163(53)
Years in practice
 3 to <10121(40)
 10 to <1550(16)
 15 to <2047(15)
Number of physicians in practice, n (%)
Area of practice, n (%)
Main insurance type, n (%)
Preferred screening method for pre-diabetes/diabetes, n (%)
 HbA1c test182(60)
 Fasting plasma glucose test108(35)
 Random plasma glucose test9(3)
 Oral glucose tolerance test5(2)
 Other (HbA1C and fasting blood glucose)1(0)
Factors that influence decision to screen for diabetes, n (%)
 Personal clinical experience239(78)
 Prompts from electronic medical record system51(17)
 Screening guidelines233(76)
Physician preference for screening guidelines, n (%)
 USPSTF and ADA89(38)
 USPSTF only59(25)
 ADA only77(33)
Physician’s use of screening guidelines*, n (%)
 100% of the time61(26)
 ≥70% of the time124(53)
 ≥50% of the time39(17)
 <50% of the time9(4)
USPSTF, n (%)
 100% of the time23(16)
 ≥70% of the time96(65)
 ≥50% of the time25(17)
 <50% of the time4(3)
ADA, n (%)
 100% of the time32(19)
 ≥70% of the time108(65)
 ≥50% of the time22(13)
 <50% of the time4(2)
  • *Questions asked to only those physicians who reported screening guidelines influence their decision to screen (n=233). Percentages reported out of total 233 physicians.

  • ADA, American Diabetes Association; PCP, primary case physician; USPSTF, US Preventive Services Task Force.