Table 2

Primary and secondary outcomes

One-bag system
Mean (±SD)
Two-bag system
Mean (±SD)
p Value
Primary outcome
 Time to close anion gap (hours)13.57 (±1.75)10.95 (±1.63)<0.01
Secondary outcomes
 Time to reach plasma glucose<250 mg/dL (hours)9.15 (±1.38)7.82 (±1.28)0.02
 Time to reach serum HCO3>18 mmol/L (hours)19.95 (±1.99)18.50 (±2.28)0.36
 Hospital length of stay (days)4.86 (±3.63)4.33 (±2.53)0.09
% %
 Hypoglycemia (BS<70 mg/dL)8.431.49<0.01
  • Outcome measures comparing the one-bag versus two-bag protocols used the two independent samples t-test. For details, see online supplementary appendix 2.