Table 1

Weight Watchers Diabetes Prevention Program (WWDPP) core curriculum topics addressed and behavior change strategies employed

WWDPP core curriculum
Activation session: Welcome to the WWDPP a lifestyle balance program.
WWDPP program topics WWDPP program topics
Getting started losing weightTracking food intake
Be a fat detective—three ways to eat less fatStaying satisfied, understanding hunger signals
Healthy eatingPortion control
Tip the calorie balanceFour keys to healthy eating out
Getting started being activeBeing more active, choosing activity right for you
Move those musclesGoal setting to increase exercise
Being active: a way of lifeJump start your activity plan
Take charge of what is around youManaging your home environment
Problem solvingTaking care of yourself
Talk back to negative thoughtsAvoid boredom, stay motivated
The slippery slope of lifestyle changeLearn from experience not to relapse
Make social cues work for youSelf-monitoring
You can manage stressManaging nights and weekends
Ways to stay motivatedManaging your relationships
Activation session Diet Activity Behavior change