Table 2

Comorbidities and complications of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

All patientsPatients with A1c≥7.3% at baseline
QIIP (N=406) (%)Control (N=403) (%)QIIP (N=153) (%)Control (N=157) (%)
Diabetes-related complication54.753.956.958.6
 Respiratory disease12.315.910.510.2
Diabetes-related complications
 Cardiovascular disease31.326.635.329.3
 Other eye disease17.521.317.015.9
 Diabetic foot disease0.
 Skin disease2.50.71.30
 Erectile dysfunction6.
  • *Definition: condition documented in chart; when adding whether antihypertensive medication prescribed the total=90.5% (732/809), QIIP=92.1% (374/406), control=88.8% (358/403).

  • †Significant for the subset of patients above study target A1c, p=0.004.

  • ‡Definition: condition documented in chart and/or antihypertensive/lipid-lowering medication prescribed.

  • §Significant for all patients and the subset of patients above study target A1c, p=0.03.

  • QIIP, Quality Improvement and Innovation Partnership.