Table 3

Mean change from baseline of selected metabolic variables according to use of statins

Statin useNo statin usepStatin useNo statin usepStatin useNo statin usep
Fasting glucose (mg/dL)−0.3−−0.40.007
Two-hour glucose (mg/dL)−2.2−3.90.38−2.8−7.30.01−5.6−10.90.001
Glycated hemoglobin (%)0.04−0.01<0.01−0.03−0.09<0.001−0.05−0.11<0.001
Insulinogenic Index−0.213.830.42−7.45−3.850.44−8.541.660.01
Fasting insulin (µU/mL)2.762.610.83−1.44−0.930.430.64−0.190.16
Body mass index (kg/m2)−0.29−0.530.04−0.76−0.920.06
  • Mean changes from baseline are estimated with adjustment for baseline value from mixed models according to use of statin at time of the assessment with p values to indicate difference by statin therapy within treatment groups. Changes after the development of diabetes were excluded in the analyses.