Table 4

Correlation of  plasma DPP4 levels with waist-to-hip ratio, biochemical variables, total abdominal fat volume and Liver span in non-obese patients with T2DM  (Cases: n = 93) and non obese, non diabetic subjects (Controls: n = 40)

Cases (n=93) 
Pearson’s correlation coefficient
Controls (n=40) 
Pearson’s correlation coefficient
r p valuer p value
Waist-to-hip ratio0.320.040.210.2
Fasting serum insulin (ng/dL)0.310.040.090.39
High density lipoprotein cholesterol (mmol/L)−0.480.020.100.53
Total abdominal fat volume (cm3)
Total intra-abdominal fat volume (cm3)
Liver span (mm)
  • p<0.05: statistically significant.

  • DDP4, plasma dipeptidyl peptidase-4; T2DM, type 2 diabetes mellitus.