Table 4

The propensity score-matched differences between MNG and NNG in annual healthcare utilization

(per year)
(per year)
Median difference/year
(99.9% CI)
Part A+B+D$36 079$20 787$12 259 ($11 540 to $13 004)*
Part A$22 258$10 508$8775 ($8229 to $9365)*
Part B$8840$6262$2113 ($1921 to $2342)*
Part D$577$717$0 ($0 to $0)†
  • Median and 99.9% CI from propensity-matched sample period from year of diabetes diagnosis to year of death or 2014.

  • Part A=claims for inpatient medical care, outpatient medical care, skilled nursing facility, non-institutional provider, home health, hospice services from inpatient medical care.

  • Part B=claims for outpatient medical care.

  • Part D=prescription drug information from the prescription drug events file.

  • *MNG>NNG, P<0.0001.

  • †P=0.87.

  • MNG, malnourished group at time zero; NNG, normo-nourished group at time zero.