Table 5

OR for annual healthcare utilization in propensity score-matched MNG and NNG adjusted for age, gender, ethnoracial identity, and 26 disease conditions

VariableOR* (99.9% CI)
Acute inpatient covered days per year3.08 (2.87 to  3.30)
Other inpatient covered days per year2.07 (1.93 to 2.23)
Skilled nursing facility covered days per year1.86 (1.74 to 1.99)
Hospice covered days per year1.23 (1.15 to  1.32)
Acute inpatient stays per year2.50 (2.33 to  2.67)
Other inpatient stays per year2.08 (1.94 to  2.24)
Skilled nursing facility stays per year1.97 (1.84 to  2.10)
Hospice stays per year1.32 (1.23 to  1.41)
Hospital readmissions per year1.76 (1.65 to  1.88)
  • All P<0.0001.

  • *Odds of greater number in MNG over odds of greater number in NNG.

  • MNG, malnourished group at time zero; NNG, normo-nourished group at time zero.