Table 2

Metabolic control during hospitalization and discharge disposition in patients managed by the primary service team (PST) and by the specialized diabetes team (SDT)

PSTSDTP values
Mean number of BG monitoring during hospitalization17.8±8.123.4±10.9<0.001
Frequency of BG monitoring per day3.8±1.04.5±1.3<0.001
Mean of all BG values (mg/dL)193.3±43.0200.9±42.9NS
Mean of the lowest BG value (mg/dL)110.5±33.988.4±33.3<0.001
Frequency of hypoglycemia (BG <70 mg/dL) per patient during hospitalization (%)0.2±0.80.7±1.40.01
Mean of the highest BG values (mg/dL)300.2±84.9347.8±92.6<0.001
Frequency of hyperglycemia (BG >180 mg/dL) per patient during hospitalization (%)8.5±6.113.2±8.9<0.001
BG variability*
Discharge to
home (%)
Discharge to home with care (VNA) (%)36.642.0NS
Discharge to skilled nursing facility (%)11.50.76<0.001
Discharge to rehabilitation/district hospital (%)3.817.6<0.001
Dead/expired during hospitalization (%)
  • *BG variability is the difference between the highest and lowest readings during hospitalization.

  • BG, blood glucose; VNA, visiting nurses’ service.