Table 1

Baseline characteristics of patients managed by the primary service team (PST) and by the specialized diabetes team (SDT)

PSTSDTP values
Sex (%)
Age (years)69.1±11.159.1±15.0<0.001
Admitted to medicine service (%)5555NS
Admitted to surgery service (%)4545NS
Average of the first four blood glucose values after admission (mg/dL)202.8±52.4202.6±60.5NS
Most recent hemoglobin A1c (%)7.4±1.38.7±2.1<0.001
Patients with type 1 diabetes (%)4.634.1<0.001
Patients on oral hypoglycemic
agents (%)
Patients on basal
insulin (%)
Patients on insulin pump (%)07.6<0.001
Patients on insulin
drip (%)
Patients with any infection (%)6.88.4NS
Patients with inpatient complications (%)20.660.6<0.001