Table 4

30-Day readmission rate and length of stay in patients managed by primary service team (PST) and by specialized diabetes team (SDT)

PSTSDTP values
Medicine (n)7171
 Total number of readmissions in 30 days2316<0.05
 Frequency of readmission per patient (%)1.2±0.41.1±0.4NS
 30-Day readmission
 rate (%)
 Length of stay (days)4.8±1.95.1±2.4NS
Surgery (n)6060
 Total number of readmissions in 30 days1316NS
 Frequency of readmission per patient1.6±0.71.1±0.3<0.05
 30-Day readmission
 rate (%)
 Length of stay (days)4.8±1.95.6±2.2<0.05