Table 1

Features of 168 young Japanese women grouped by tertile of serum orosomucoid concentrations

Range (mg/dL)<112113–134≥135
Orosomucoid (mg/dL)100±10125±6155±20abc
Age (years)20.3±1.120.3±1.020.6±1.1
Fat mass index (kg/m2)5.6±1.65.3±1.85.2±1.8
Waist circumference (cm)73.3±5.573.5±5.572.9±5.9
Percentage body fat (%)26.6±6.125.5±6.125.2±6.3
Trunk/leg fat ratio1.24±0.241.24±0.251.21±0.24
Leptin (ng/mL)7.7±3.57.3±3.57.6±4.2
Adiponectin (µg/mL)13.4±5.112.2±4.511.6±4.1
hsCRP (μg/dL)44±9723±3332±48
PAI-1 (ng/mL)24±929±1426±13
Fasting glucose (mg/dL)82±684±686±7b
30 min glucose (mg/dL)97±13123±8148±20abc
1 hour glucose (mg/dL)79±17100±18129±35abc
2 hours glucose (mg/dL)80±1291±17104±24abc
Fasting insulin (μU/mL)5.8±3.55.7±2.35.9±3.4
30 min insulin (μU/mL)56±3553±2552±33
1 hour insulin (μU/mL)32±1743±2052±31ab
2 hours insulin (μU/mL)32±2535±2042±25
Δglucoe30 (mg/dL)15±1440±862±18abc
Δinsulin30 (µU/mL)50±3547±2446±32
AUCg (mg/dL, 2 hours)168±18203±19245±38abc
AUCi (µU/mL, 2 hours)70±3278±2987±43b
Matsuda index10.8±4.29.1±3.68.8±4.7b
Athletes (n, %)17 30.418, 32.115, 26.8
  • Mean±SD (n=56) in each tertile. Significantly different at p<0.05 or less.

  • a and b: first vs second and third tertile, respectively, c: second vs third tertile.

  • AUCg, area under the concentration curve of glucose; AUCi, area under the concentration curve of insulin; FMI, fat mass index; Δglucose30 and Δinsulin30, incremental 30 min glucose and insulin concentrations, respectively; HOMA-IR, homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance; hsCRP, high-sensitivity C reactive protein; IGI, insulinogenic index; PAI-1, plasminogen activator inhibitor-1.