Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the 5297 HUNT3 participants invited to the Diabetes in Europe —Prevention using Lifestyle, physical Activity and Nutritional intervention (DE-PLAN) baseline examination and of the 2380 participants of the DE-PLAN intervention study, given as mean (SD) unless otherwise stated

Baseline characteristics*5297 invited
HUNT3 participants
2380 participants of the intervention study
Age (years)64.5 (11.9)62.7 (11.6)
Women (%)60.660.8
BMI (kg/m2)31.0 (4.2)31.3 (4.1)
Waist circumference (cm)
  Women101.5 (11.1)102.0 (11.1)
  Men107.5 (8.6)108.2 (8.3)
Physical activity ≥30 min/day (%)55.056.8
Daily intake of fruit, berries, or vegetables (%)59.259.6
Ever treated for hypertension (%)60.961.2
Ever measured high blood glucose (%)23.625.5
First-degree relative with diabetes (%)71.469.8
Second-degree relative with diabetes (%)§55.562.1
Education level (years) (%)
HADS-D score ≥8 (%)13.912.5§
HbA1c (%)NA5.7 (0.5)
  (mmol/mol)NA39 (6)
Fasting s-glucose (mmol/L)NA5.5 (0.5)
2-hour oral glucose tolerance test s-glucose (mmol/L)NA6.1 (1.8)
  • *Calculated among participants with valid information. Information was available in ≥97% of participants, except that education level was missing in 7% of the 2380 participants, and HADS-D was missing in 14% of the 5297 invitees and 11% of the 2380 participants. HbA1c, fasting and 2-hour oral  glucose tolerance test s-glucose, and education level were measured/queried only in the 2380 participants.

  • †Physical activity at least 30 min daily at work or during leisure time.

  • ‡Parent, sibling, or offspring with diabetes.

  • §Grandparent, uncle, aunt, or first cousin with diabetes.