Table 1

Driving and hypoglycemia: driving standards for people with diabetes per the DVLA licensing standards and the European Commission Directive (2006/126/EC and Amending Directive 2009/113/EC)17–19

European directiveDVLA
Group 1 licenseMust not have recurrent severe hypoglycemia.No more than 1 episode of severe hypoglycemia while awake in the preceding 12 months or the most recent episode occurred more than 3 months ago.
Must not have impaired awareness of hypoglycemia.Adequate awareness of hypoglycemia.
Understanding of the risk of hypoglycemia and adequate control of the condition.Not regarded as likely risk to public while driving.
Group 2 licenseFull hypoglycemic awareness.Full awareness of hypoglycemia.
No severe hypoglycemic events in the previous 12 months.No episode of severe hypoglycemia in the preceding 12 months.
Adequate control of the condition (demonstrate regular blood glucose monitoring, at least twice daily and at times relevant to driving).
Understanding of risks of hypoglycemia.
No other debarring complications of diabetes.
Severe hypoglycemic event reporting (all categories)During waking hours, event unrelated to driving should be reported and give rise to reassessment of licensing status.Following a recent update, current UK severe hypoglycemia event reporting is similar to EU for group 1 licenses (severe hypoglycemia while awake).
  • DVLA, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency; EU, European Union.