Table 1

Respondents’ profile

RespondentsTotal (n=235)Primary care (n=132)Secondary care (n=103)
Number of respondents235132103
Percentage of physicians responding that they treat
 Less than 50 patients with T2D/month242720
 50–99 patients with T2D/month465533
 100–149 patients with T2D/month191326
 150–199 patients with T2D/month6210
 More than 200 patients with T2D/month6311
Percentage of physicians responding that they treat
 2–5 patients with IDegLira/month475931
 6–10 patients with IDegLira/month272728
 11–15 patients with IDegLira/month9614
 More than 15 patients with IDegLira/month17827
  • Across all countries, a total of 4261 physicians and 195 nurses were invited to complete the survey, and a total of 235 physicians and 0 nurse completed the survey.

  • NB: The percentage of respondents is reported to the nearest whole number so the sum may not total to 100% exactly.

  • IDegLira, insulin degludec/liraglutide; T2D, type 2 diabetes.