Table 4

Unadjusted* and adjusted§ fasting blood glucose values according to quintiles of serum 25(OH)D

VariablesFirst quintile(3.0–21.5, n, 160)Second quintile(21.51–35.60, n, 178)Third quintile(35.61–46.50, n, 172)Fourth quintile(46.51–62.30, n, 130)Fifth quintile (>62.31, n, 157)P values
FBG (mg/dL)*Mean±SD111.3±7.9111.7±8.1110.1±9.9109.7±7.1‡109.2±7.3‡0.009
FBG (mg/dL)§Mean±SD111.3±7.0111.7±7.6110.7±7.4109.0±7.5†,‡109.3±7.5†,‡0.012
  • Serum 25(OH)D levels were categorized in quintiles. Results are shown as mean+SD. P<0.05 is statistically significant.

  • *Unadjusted mean value (for age and family income). §Adjusted mean value (for age and family income). †Significantly different from the first quintile.‡  Significantly different from the second quintile, adjusted p<0.005.

  • 25(OH)D, 25-hydroxy vitamin D; FBG, fasting blood glucose.