Table 3

Demographic and anthropometry profiles according to serum 25(OH)D quintiles

VariablesFirst quintile(3.0–21.5, n, 160)Second quintile(21.51–35.60, n, 178)Third quintile(35.61–46.50, n, 172)Fourth quintile(46.51–62.30, n, 130)Fifth quintile (>62.31, n, 157)P values
Age (years)44.3±10.742.8±11.341.9±11.439.2±12.341.2±10.70.0027
Pulse rate (per minute)84.2±5.083.4±5.282.9±5.584.2±4.684.0±5.10.11
Family medical history (n, %)
Obesity02 (1.12)4 (2.33)2 (1.54)2 (1.27)0.44
Diabetes32 (21.6)39 (26.3)23 (15.5)26 (17.5)28 (18.9)0.03
Blood pressure (mm Hg)
Weight and BMI
Weight (kg)65.2±19.062.3±13.063.1±14.264.1±12.663.5±14.50.23
Height (cm)152.3±6.2153.2±6.4154.2±5.2152.6±5.4153.8±5.10.45
BMI (kg/m²)26.7±5.926.1±5.126.4±4.926.1±4.826.2±5.10.86
  • Results are shown as mean±SD and n, %. Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) test was applied. Serum 25(OH)D levels were categorized in quintiles as described in text. P<0.05 is statistically significant.

  • 25(OH)D, 25-hydroxy vitamin D; BMI, body mass index.