Table 2

Bivariate (A) and multivariate (B and C) logistic regression analyses for low grip strength as a dependent variable

OR95% CIP values
Model A
 Age1.141.08 to 1.21<0.001
 Height0.810.75 to 0.87<0.001
 Weight0.880.83 to 0.93<0.001
 Fat mass0.910.86 to 0.970.004
 Skeletal muscle mass0.640.53 to 0.77<0.001
 Adiponectin (mg/L)1.071.02 to 1.110.003
 Log TNF-α6.401.58 to 25.930.009
 Hemoglobin0.670.50 to 0.890.006
 Albumin0.080.02 to 0.30<0.001
 Transthyretin0.880.83 to 0.95<0.001
 Zinc0.960.93 to 0.990.008
 Hyperadiponectinemia2.651.27 to 5.550.010
Model B
 Age1.101.03 to 1.170.007
 Height0.840.77 to 0.91<0.001
 Skeletal muscle mass0.740.59 to 0.920.008
 Transthyretin0.900.83 to 0.970.010
Model C
 Age1.091.02 to 1.160.010
 Height0.860.79 to 0.940.001
 Weight0.930.87 to 0.990.022
 Skeletal muscle mass0.780.62 to 0.970.028
 Log TNF-α7.701.30 to 45.80.025
  • Model A included all variables that showed significant differences between women with and without low grip strength in table 1. Model B included all variables in model A, except for adiponectin, as independent variables. In model C, adiponectin and transthyretin were removed from model A.

  • PB, postbreakfast;TNF-α, tumor necrosis factor-α.