Continuous exercise vs resting control
StudyHypos (n) during/after continuous exerciseHypos (n) during/after resting controlEvening or nocturnal hypos (n) (or mean (SD)) after continuous exerciseEvening or nocturnal hypos (n) (or mean (SD))
resting control
Hinojosa and Heiss30 NoneNoneNRNRNot defined
Jankovec et al 24 NoneNoneNRNRNot defined
Peter et al 31 1/13,(8%) 1–2 hours after exercise2/13,(15%) 1–2 hours after exerciseNRNRBG <2.5 mmol/L
Rabasa-Lhoret et al 26 4 episodes‡NR22 episodes in total‡2 episodes in total‡BG <4 mmol/L with symptoms or BG <3.5 mmol/L
Soo et al 32 NoneNoneNRNRBG <3.6 mmol/L
Yamanouchi et al 33 NRNRNRNRNot defined
Resistance exercise vs control
Turner et al 37 NRNRNRNRNot defined
Yardley et al 29 NRNR
  1. 6/12 (50%)

  2. 2/10 (20%)

4/11 (36%)BG <3.5 mmol/L
  • *Third exercise condition excluded as not comparable.

  • †64% observed hypos above 3 mmol/L.

  • ‡Episodes of hypoglycemia not described per person.

  • BG, blood glucose; hypos, hypoglycemic episodes; noct, nocturnal; NR, not recorded.