Table 1

Points achievement threshold limits* for QOF diabetes management indicators

Blood pressure (DM003)
Threshold range 38%–78%
Cholesterol (DM004)
Threshold range 40%–75%
HbA1c (DM007)
Threshold range 35%–75%
Practices below threshold lower limit200.350.1330.4
Practices within threshold range579674.7587475.7761598.2
Practices above upper threshold limit193925.0187624.21071.4
Patients below threshold lower limit27580.14420.0252620.2
Patients within threshold range2 278 70578.22 291 65478.72 887 89099.1
Patients above upper threshold limit631 28621.7620 65321.319 5970.7
  • *Points and payment are rewarded to practices if achievement is above the designated threshold lower limit.

  • HbA1c, hemoglobin A1c; QOF, Quality and Outcomes Framework.