Table 1

Content of WhatsApp monthly messages

MonthMessageSpecial occasion if any
MayIt is evident that regular physical activity of at least 150 min of moderate to vigorous intensity per week improves your body hemodynamics and blood glucose. Let’s start slowly and build up the amount of time and intensity of the activity.World Hypertension Day
JuneRamadhan is the month to fast from food and increase body movement, take this opportunity to increase your physical activity behavior.Ramadhan
JulyInclude physical activity in your happy social and religious events.Eid Al-Fitr
AugustBreast feeding is good for mothers and babies especially if it is complemented with healthy lifestyle including physical activity.World Breast Feeding Week
SeptemberPilgrim is the event that includes extensive physical activity. Increase your steps and keep on walking.Eid Al-Adha
OctoberPhysical activity is good for prevention and management of cancer so try to reach to 10 000 steps a day.Breast Cancer Awareness Day
NovemberCelebrate the national day and have better diabetes control by increasing your daily walking steps.Oman National Day and World Diabetes Day
DecemberAging is an unavoidable risk factor, prevent disability by increasing you physical activity.International Day of Persons with Disability
JanuaryStart your new year with an aim to increase physical activity.New Year
FebruaryBeing active physically is an important part of good health. 20–30 min of moderate to vigorous physical activity a day can help improve your health.Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Day
MarchWomen are more vulnerable to be physically inactive. Keep moving to stay healthy, strong and pretty.International Women’s Day
AprilIt is never too late to start being physically active.World Health Day
MayBeing physically active supports diabetes prevention and management.Ramadhan