Table 4

Correlation (Spearman’s r) between the Diabetes Health Profile-18 dimensions and the Short Form-36 dimensions

SF-36 dimensionsDiabetes Health Profile-18
Psychological distressBarriers to activityDisinhibited eating
Physical functioning−0.244−0.280−0.207
Role physical−0.304−0.291−0.174
Bodily pain−0.243−0.205−0.167
General health−0.440−0.265−0.259
Social functioning−0.475−0.297−0.260
Role emotional−0.422−0.256−0.216
Mental health−0.527−0.307−0.257
  • All values are significant with p<0.005. Scores in the range 0.40–0.74 are in boldface.

  • SF-36, Short-Form 36.